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I'm Carlene

Galactic Shaman and founder of Lightwave Mastery Activations. I have over 23 years experience in energy medicine, spiritual coaching and soul retrieval. My mission is to assist YOU in becoming a fully activated, interdimensional Being of Light and Love.

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Becoming Cosmic

Rooted in the earth and guided by the stars, Lightwave Mastery Activations is a self-paced online program and was 100% channeled by me from my Pleiadian Star Family. I received precise instructions to help activate the original biological human blueprint and accelerate the cosmic powers of starseeds and spiritual seekers into their true interdimensional being-"ness".

The information, techniques and technology gifted to me completes the divine connection between earth and cosmic energy medicine.

Whether you're a beginner or advanced seeker, Lightwave Mastery Activations will transform your human biology.

Expect it to up-level your DNA and crystalline structure to the new 12-strand, interdimensional crystalline matrix.

Additionally, Lightwave Mastery Activations draws on ancient teachings of the North, South and Central American Shamans, who were the first Pleiadian initiates to be activated as high vibrational healers and oracles!

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Heal Past Traumas and Generational Wounds

Soul expansion and physical healing can take place in as little as one session.

As a galactic shaman we can tap into the memory imprint of a past trauma without re-experiencing the pain to heal it on the soul's energetic level.

This One on One session is virtual or in person in St Petersburg FL with me.

Experience this transformational energy medicine for yourself today!

Manifest Passive Income

Whether you're just starting out in the online space or you're a seasoned healer or coach. Participate in manifesting the precious gift of abundance in a non-hustle, energetically aligned ecosystem.

Passive Income is a must have and must do part of the spiritual entrepreneur's journey. Consider the cosmic clues... You're here for a reason!

Creating Passive Income is Alchemy and Energy Medicine at its finest!

Freedom and Autonomy are the results of manifesting abundance and abundance is your birthright!

Enroll in one or two of these passive income strategies immediately and watch your flow increase!

These are well rounded, fully operational programs where you do not have to sell, teach or coach anyone. It's all done for you inside our Passive Income Ecosystem. (note: I am a member or affiliate and personally participant in these programs.. because why would I recreate the wheel when these programs pay out 70-100% commissions!)

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Energy Alignment Session

one on one session

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Cosmic Destination Retreats

Egyptian Magic February 25 - March 8, 2024

I am co-facilitating the next Egyptian Magic retreat with fellow spiritual leader Elise Free.

This VIP experience has private tours of The Great Pyramid and The Sphinx with an authentic Egyptologist. It's a rare opportunity to enter these great spiritual and mystical structures with no other tourists allowed to be admitted while we're there!

In addition to The Great Pyramids and The Sphinx, we'll visit sacred sites including Temple of Isis and the Temple of Horus, plus we'll sail down the Nile on a yacht on our way to Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings and many other temples and surprises along the way including the LONG awaited opening of the brand new, opulent Egyptian Museum!

So many more surprises. You won't want to miss this once in a lifetime experience.

If you're feeling that tug in your heart and you "know" you need to be there it's only $1,000 deposit to hold your spot.

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