Lightwave Mastery Courses

Galactic Shaman Carlene is Guiding Starseeds and Spiritual Seekers like YOU to unlock the Cosmic Ascension Codes and Activate the Original Biological Blueprint!

Lightwave Mastery Level 1

Activating the Light Within

Unlock your DNA's true potential and activate your Original Blueprint with our galactic and shaman based soul expansion program.

Lightwave Mastery Level 1 is designed to activate and align your dormant human biology, enabling you to embody the superconscious, interdimensional power that you were always meant to possess.

Through our unique approach, you will unleash your true cosmic design and unlock the door to a world of limitless possibilities. Join us on this transformative journey and experience a profound shift in your consciousness that will empower you to achieve your highest potential.

Lightwave Mastery Level 2 & 3

Initiating The Pleiadian Protocol to Unlock Your Cosmic Potential!

Discover the transformative power of the Living Light Code and unlock a higher level of interdimensional awareness with our groundbreaking Level 2 Lightwave Mastery program.

Using photonic and sound frequency harmonics, we will guide you through the Pleiadian Protocol, enabling you to heal yourself and others in the unified quantum field.

Our Level 2 DNA activations and cosmic light codes will empower you to connect with your Higher Self on a new and exciting level.

Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity to elevate your consciousness, connect with YOUR star family and experience a new level of spiritual growth.

Carlene Saelg is a renowned Galactic Shaman and Lightwave Energy Master with over 20 years of experience in energy healing and spiritual guidance. She has dedicated her life to helping people connect with their inner selves and achieve their highest potential through the power of energy and consciousness.

Carlene's journey into energy healing began at a young age when she experienced a profound spiritual awakening that changed the course of her life. She spent years studying various healing modalities, including Reiki, sound healing, crystal therapy, and shamanism, and eventually developed her own unique approach to energy healing.

As a Galactic Shaman, Carlene works with higher dimensional beings and extraterrestrial energies to help her clients access new levels of awareness and understanding. She uses her intuitive abilities to guide people through the process of releasing old patterns and limiting beliefs, and connecting with their true selves.

In addition to her work as a Galactic Shaman, Carlene is also a Lightwave Energy Master, which means she has the ability to channel high-frequency energy that can activate profound shifts in consciousness and healing. She uses this energy to facilitate deep transformation and help her clients move through life with greater ease and grace.

Carlene has extensively shared her gifts with people around the world, and has facilitated workshops, retreats, and private sessions for individuals, groups, and organizations. Her compassionate, intuitive, and heart-centered approach has helped countless people find healing, clarity, and purpose in their lives.

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